Roles on the projects: Creative/Art Director

Paying postcode premiums for pints? Twice the price, but not twice the beer? Time to get SMARTY.

SMARTY mobile gives you what you pay for (money back for unused data). The SMARTY Pint gives you the beer owed for the price you pay, because why should you have to pay more just because of where you are.

The campaign started by researching how much the average pint costs around the UK. Obviously London came out on top, with Oxford taking 2ed and Belfast 3rd. Once we'd collected all the data we worked out how much beer is owed for each location. We used the cheapest pint (Portsmouth, £2.72) as the base rate.


Once we worked how much beer is owed per location we created the SMARTY pint. A glass that told you how much beer you should be getting in 7 of the major locations around the UK. 


We launched the SMARTY pint across London at an open event down Southbank, so Londoners could finally taste that sweet value. The campaign was included in 27 different national and local news outlets, included 'The Sun', 'Metro' and 'The Daily Mail'. Total coverage was just shy of 284M.