Roles on the projects: Creative/Art Director/Designer/Editor

To launch the new series of Mighty Mike on Boomerang we delivered content across both PR and social channels as part of a wider integrated campaign. I delivered the concept, created all social media assets and art directed the content. 



As one of the main themes of the show is Mike trying to win the affections of the dog next door ‘Iris’ we set up a ‘First Mates’ Restaurant where dogs could hopefully find their first mates. The campaign was supported with our hero video content that saw a Mike look-alike trying to woo an Iris look-alike.  



Another prominent theme in Mighty Mike is how he lives his ‘Pug Life’, he just wants to relax and not disrupt the status quo. Across all of Boomerang’s social channels we showed people how they could also live the #PugLife. From conception to production I created various assets to gain reach and encourage engagement.  


These two campaigns combined for the most successful TV show launch in Boomerang’s history.