Roles on the projects: Creative/Art Director/Script Writer

TV ad to launch Diletta Gol on DAZN. It’s basically the Italian Soccer AM. Diletta is telling everyone about her new show, however, some of the managers are less than impressed that she’s going to have the inside track. A tongue and cheek approach to letting Italian football fans know Diletta has all the latest chat and information about Serie A & B. 


This was a strange one for me, I was buzzing to do my first TV ad, but it was in a language I couldn’t speak. So when it came to creating the script, I had to work closely with the Italian team to develop the jokes and humour throughout the creative process.  

I hope you speak Italian... If not the translated script is under the video. 

Diletta "I'm hosting a brand new football entertainment show, are you excited?"

​Allegri "Oh I didn't know, I don't really care"

*Diletta shrugs* 

Diletta "Guttuso, we'll be getting all the behind the scenes insights, analysis from each game"

Guttuso "I will find your spy, and I will hurt him"

Diletta "We'll be in the studio with real fans and real opinions"

Spalletti "........"

Diletta "We live football, we breathe football, and it's all on DAZN"