Brooks Running became the footwear partner of parkrun early 2020... however as we all know things didn't really go as planned in 2020. So, here is a look at the experience tour we were going to take around the UK to 10 of the most popular parkruns.


Just like Cinderella and the glass slipper the concept was born out of finding a shoe that fits perfectly. Using Brooks shoe finder and their tagline 'Run Happy' the idea became about how Brooks could help parkrunners 'Run Happy Ever After'

Brooks event scamp.jpg

The experience broke down into three sections. The first, The Brooks Book: This is where runners would find out what Brooks trainer would be just right for them in the form of a personalized fairytale story. To do this we re-skinned the Brooks Shoe Finder to use 'fairytale' language. This story was then turned into a shareable asset for the runner to share on IG stories.  

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PHOTO-2020-03-17-19-19-00 11158447793815

Stage two was the Brooks-Shelf: Once runners knew which trainer was the perfect one for them they could go over to the Brooks-Shelf and take them for a test run on their parkrun. 

Stage three, the Photo-Op: Is it even an experience without a photo op? 

Brooks photo opp park 4.jpg
PHOTO-2020-03-17-19-19-00 81584477938156
PHOTO-2020-03-17-19-19-00 51584477938156